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Carburettor Kit MALOSSI PHBL

main jet PHB 82, idle mixture
jet 45, jet needle D33, with
oil pump, choke jet 60

This kit includes the preadjusted Dell'Orto carburetor and all other parts necessary to assemble a throttle choke. The usual standard cold start automatic is no longer being used: no use losing any sleep about it, cause almost all automatic chokes functioned poorly anway. Don't forget to order a suitable air filter. We also recommend adding a large diaphragm to your shopping list. You can still use the original intakes, although a tuning intake will further improve your performance. In the upper echalon - over 125 cc's, you'll find a 25er carburetor in combination with a 180 cc cylinder highly commendable. You'll notice more punch, especially in the middle ranges. The starter choke is manual. You can continue to use the original air filter box, though you will get more power from a tuning air filter. The carburetor is delivered with a standard adjustment; further adjustment will optimize your performanace. You'll have to make up your mind - either a kit with or without an oil pump connection. An oil pump connection can make every day use more comfortable with the drawback of having a limited influence on the air-fuel ratio.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  1611034 (MALOSSI)

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627g / piece
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Unfortunately we are not authorized to deliver MALOSSI parts to your country. We recommend you to take the suggested alternative.
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PIAGGIO Hexagon 125 EXS1T 2T LC `94-`97
PIAGGIO Hexagon 150 EXV1T 2T LC `94-`97
PIAGGIO Hexagon LX 125 ZAPM05 2T LC `98-`99
PIAGGIO Hexagon LXT 180 ZAPM06 2T LC `98-`99

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