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Rim Cover RIMCOVERS Standard,

for front rim, for Vespa LX
/LXV/S 50-150ccm
stainless steel polished,

The rim covers produced by the firm known as RIMCOVERS represent a genuinely eye-catching extra for the more modern Vespa models. In a few short moments an otherwise ordinary looking front wheel can be transformed into authentic eye-candy!


Standard version: This item is constructed using highly polished stainless steel and is quickly and easily attached in its fixed position. All the necessary fixings are included in the delivery.


Spinner version: The spinner rim covers is a genuine milestone in the history of visual vehicle tuning. The rotation of the front wheel sets the centrally attached outer disc in motion, which then also rotates. The real trick function however becomes evident when the wheel itself stops rotating and the aforementioned outer disc continues to spin. This will guarantee curious stares at every red light in town! The Spinner hub cap is also manufactured using polished stainless steel and all the necessary parts for a secure attachment are also included in delivery.


Hub cap decorative decals: These adhesive applications can be applied to both the standard & spinner type hub caps. They allow a further individualisation of your RIMCOVER hub caps on your Vespa.


Caution: Only for race & show purposes. Please check with your local vehicle inspector for fully legal road use in your respective country.


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divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA LX 125 ZAPM44100 4T AC `06, `09
VESPA LX 50 ZAPC38101 2T AC `05-
VESPA LX 150 ZAPM44200 4T AC `06
VESPA LX 50 ZAPC38300 4T AC `06-`09
VESPA LX 125 ZAPM44300 4T AC `06-`08
VESPA LX 150 ZAPM44400 4T AC `06-`09
VESPA LX 4V 50 ZAPC38700 4T AC `09-
VESPA LX i.e. 125 ZAPM68100 4T AC `09-`11
VESPA LX i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM68300 4T AC `12-
VESPA LX i.e. 3V 150 ZAPM68400 4T AC `12-
VESPA LXV 125 ZAPM44301 4T AC `06-`09
VESPA LXV 50 ZAPC38102 2T AC `06-`09
VESPA LXV i.e. 125 ZAPM68102 4T AC `11
VESPA S 125 ZAPM44302 4T AC `07-
VESPA S 50 ZAPC38103 2T AC `07
VESPA S 150 ZAPM44402 4T AC `08-`09
VESPA S 2V 50 ZAPC38901 4T AC `10-
VESPA S 4V 50 ZAPC38600 4T AC `08-
VESPA S i.e. 125 ZAPM68101 4T AC `09-
VESPA S i.e. 3V 125 ZAPM68301 4T AC `12-

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