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Racing Cylinder FALC 014 138cc

for Vespa 90-125/PV/ET3/PK/S
direct intake, Ø 57,0mm, alu..
..minium, 5 ports,
stroke 54mm, 2 piston ring(s),
outlet 2-parts, 60mm, M8,
with cylinder head,
incl. manifold Ø 38mm, reed


The race is on! First, the M1 and Parmakits, now FALC has hit the streets with the newest brutal cylinder in the Italian sprinter series. Monster cylinder kit, hand made from the small tuning shop FALC RACING; they put careful finishing touches by hand before turning them loose to terrorize the streets.

The motor casing must be modified, but they do not have to be welded in the first modification steps. We do recommend welding if you want to get a maximal transfer port size. The manifold is designed for Vespa V50/PV/ET3 models, although, due to the intake cross section, the chassis cover will have to be widened. Same when used in Vespa PK models.

Conclusion: next to the M1 and M1L, the ultimate race cylinder for smallframes with a performance up to 30 horsepower.


Aluminum / 57 or 60mm bore/ 54mm capacity/ 5 transfer ports/ 153ccm/ direct intake

Aluminum cylinder with coated race, two large divided side transfer ports and a direct intake with additional Boysen ports, 6 flap reeds, divided exhaust, outlet separated, studs M8, distance 60mm, cylinder head with optimized air duct and conventional spark plug position, POLINI AF1 high performance piston with 2 piston rings. Includes manifold with flow optimized stuffer. Periphery should match the performance increase.


SIP-TiPP: For this race cylinder you will need the FALC crankshaft with 54mm capacity and 105mm conrod.  FALC race exhaust, 34er carburetor and Tassinari VForce reed valve Art.-Nr. 27426000 are a must. Electronic ignition, such as VESPATRONIC is recommended. When implementing a HP4 fan wheel or the PARMAKIT ignition, a cooling fin on the cylinder must be removed.


Christoph Meier, alias Stoffi, SIP-Stoffi- Racing Team:

"I have driven many mopeds in my live, but nothing compared to this. First it seems, everything is like with a Polini, but then it develops a powerful acceleration, that you have problems to handle the Vespa. Incredible. Our race scooter has 26,9 hp now. The new german race season can start ;-)"

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  V0014D (FALC RACING)

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