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Connecting Rubber SERIE PRO

for 40mm to 44mm connection at
manifold and vice versa, for
TMX 32-35/PWK 33-35/ KOSO 28
-34/VHS 34-39,5/TMX 38/PWK
38 carburettor,
Ø inner: 40/44mm, l 39 mm

The connection rubber ensures that the carburettor is positioned securely on the intake manifold. Over time, the rubber gets porous and can crack easily. The carburettor falls off and your journey reaches its end. The only thing that helps in this context is to urgently replace the connection rubber. We stock these from POLINI (34mm connection width) and also MALOSSI (30 and 35mm connection widths). We can also offer suitable connection rubbers in 39 and 44mm for the bigger carburettors. The 39mm rubber is also available in a version with a strengthened locking ring which closes especially securely with the connection groove which some of the intake manifolds also have.


The SIP textured connection rubbers are ideal for everyone who would prefer not to change their connection rubber as soon as they have a problem with it. The fibre braiding makes the SIP connection rubbers extremely stable and resistant to bumps and vibrations.


The Conversion connection rubbers mean it is possible to use a 28/30mm carburettor on a 24/25mm intake manifold (e.g. on a smallframe). Vice-versa, it means it is also possible to fit a 24/25mm carburettor to the bigger PX intake manifold!

Conclusion: A connection that's eternal.


SIP-TIP: The perfect add-on to the SIP connection pieces (e.g. part no 40430000).


User Fritz on part no SIP0135: "A great article. And the intake manifold is held in place on the carburettor!"

41060000 $91.48
40030000 $81.42
87010002 $2.10
41000000 $81.42
40070000 $163.75
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