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Variable Ignition

Letzter Beitrag Do, Sep 13 2018 11:22 von Christoph_SIP. 1 Antworten.
  • Fr, Apr 27 2018 11:19

    Variable Ignition

    Twatty here has ordered the Variable Ignition SIP PERFORMANCE by VAPE, but in DC rather than AC. My question is, unless I am wrong, which I probably am, all the components look the same apart from the DC regulator. Can I use the DC regulator and just blank off the two extra wires to the battery. Or do I need the AC regulator.

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  • Do, Sep 13 2018 11:22 Antwort zu

    AW: Variable Ignition


    you can change the regulator.

    The rest of the parts are the same




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