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SIP Scootershop turns 25 Years

SIP Scootershop turns 25 years: 1994-2019



A quarter of a century ago, Alex Barth and Ralf Jodl founded SIP Scootershop in a garage. The first goods were stored between the beehives of Alex's father, the packages were driven via Vespa by the bosses themselves in the absence of employees to the post office. Those were the days. There will soon be a detailed chronicle of the last 25 years ...





Sticker SIP "SIP 25 Years"


Badge "SIP 25 Years"


Patch "SIP 25 Years"


Helmet 70`S HELMETS "SIP 25 Years" 


T-Shirt SIP "SIP 25 Years"


Poster SIP Open Day 2019



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