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Vespa Aperitivo SIP Scootershop Siperia Landsberg

They always say Munich (or Landsberg respectively) is the northernmost city in Italy. That's true but at most with a lot of goodwill. And because of that, you have to travel to Italy from time to time. And here it is likely you end up in the late afternoon at a small bar. On the table are a cold drink and a few appetizers. Focaccia with zucchini, rice salad with fennel, grilled vegetables, antipasti. If you order a beer, a wine or a "Spritz Aperol" you get a plate on which you can stack the snacks. On the drinks there is a small surcharge, but the appetizer buffet is free. The Italians call it "Aperitivo". A tradition that has grown up in Milan and is now widespread in many Italian cities. Sometimes the little things that are meant to be appetizers are so lavish that you can skip dinner.





Could not a little bit of this attitude of life be taken home? Bavaria is otherwise so Italianized. We also drink Aperol Spritz. Unlike in Italy, this is more of a women's drink and many bartenders can not see it anymore. But it is perfect for the Aperitivo. Of course, our white wine "Chiaro di Luna" too. Or a cool "Peroni". And every single month there is an Aperitivo in the SIPERIA, the small Italian bar in the SIP Scootershop Store in Landsberg.



From 5pm you can enjoy a great sundowner and DJ sound on the terrace. There is also a rich antipasti buffet for snacking as in Bella Italia. All drinks cost only € 4.50 and include the Italian buffet.

Always at the same time, there is the "Open Dyno" event at SIP Scootershop. Performance test runs for everyone, where you can measure the power of your scooter by appointment. Registration by e-mail to: dyno @ sip-scootershop. de



The next date for the Siperia Aperitivo and SIP Open Dyno can be found on the Facebook page of Siperia. A presto!





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