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Anyone who has ever tried to make his way from east to west in the rush hour traffic through the northern Italian metropolis of Milan, will hardly want anything more than to be able to ride between the cars on a two-wheeler. Perhaps that is why it is this city that becomes the hub of the two-wheeled world once a year. In November, EICMA, Europe's largest motorcycle exhibition, takes place here. All well-known motorcycle manufacturers present their program here. The manufacturers of protective clothing and accessories also take the opportunity to present themselves. Of course, the scooter market is a big part of the business here. From the electric scooter to the tuning cylinderkits for classic Vespa, everything is presented here for the first time to the public. Of course, a must for us to look for the developments for 2018. We were particularly excited about the news on the Malossi booth, the Vespa models for 2018 and which scooters will be sold under the name Lambretta in the future.



The last question remains difficult to answer. In any case, there will be scooters again in 2018, which will be sold under the brandname "Lambretta". The biggest surprise here is certainly the naming: the new models are called like the big competition from Pontedera: V50 Special, V125 Special, V200 Special, depending on engine size. The design, scooters are produced in Taiwan, is inspired by the classic Lambretta from Innocenti. The attempt to transport these lines into the modern era of automatic scooters and ABS systems is not easy and is nowadays mastered more professionally by the old competitor Piaggio. Whether the result pleases remains of course a matter of taste. The task has been solved even worse in the past under a Lambretta logo. But the models of the coming year simply can not match the elegance of the original. At the EICMA, there were also other scooters to see, which are built after the silhouette of the old Lambrettas. Some more, some less successful. Some even a kind of copy of the copy. The company Royale Alloy initially produced Scomadi. Now they bring scooters on the market, which are more similar to the old SX models, but otherwise look confusingly similar to the Scomadi.



Piaggio presented a big step into the future with the first production-ready electric Vespa. The engine should develop a continuous power of 2.7hp and 5.4hp peak power for a short time. A battery charge should be sufficient for a range of about 100km. But that's not all: there should be a hybrid version as well. The version X will have a "range extender". A small gasoline engine that extends the range to up to 200 km. However, this version has a smaller battery, in pure electrical operation the owner can ride only 50 km. The battery is refueled on a household socket in 4 hours. This should be possible 1000x until the capacity wears off. Next Piaggio novelties for 2018 were some special models such as a very colorful 50th anniversary edition of the Primavera, a dull black GTS "Notte" or the GTS "Yacht Club" in blue and white striped navy decors.





In the tuning sector we found the most innovations in the tuning cylinder kits. Both Malossi and Pinasco, DR and Parmakit are launching new aluminum cylinders for classic Vespa models. Malossi brings the long-awaited 177cc MHR aluminum cylinder for the PX 125-150 models. The design of the transfer ports has been completely redesigned and is based on the 200cc Malossi cylinder. The outlet is split in two parts with a bolted steel flange. Piston and cylinder head are also new. The head is sealed with an O-ring and centered with sleeves. For the Vespa Smallframe models, Malossi launches new transmissions and clutch components such as cruciforms and clutch baskets. DR surprises with a new cylinder for the Vespa Primavera / PK 125 in aluminum with 5 transfer ports. Parmakit introduces a new 177cc cylinder with split outlet and revised ports. Most of the innovations for the gearshifted scooters were to be admired at Pinasco. The most obvious was a smallframe engine casing with a double rotary slide inlet and matching shaft. But also for the fenderlight Vespa models Pinasco picks up vigorously. There is a new engine casing and a cylinder with a reed valve inlet. In addition, Pinasco had to present many articles with detail improvements. From a 8valve reed to a cylinder with direct inlet for the 160GS / 180SS models, the range is enormous.



All pictures of the EICMA 2017 can be found here on flickr.



Here is our SIP TV movie of the EICMA 2017:





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