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Vespa Corso Munich May 2018



Already for the 4th time a Vespa Corso opened the Munich Vespa season 2018 across Schwabing! The rattling and whirring of the Vespas returns to the northernmost city of Italy. Under the motto "The true Ascension," Rev. Dr Friedemann Steck organized this event.





"Every year in the run-up to the summer season, we meet to open the new Vespa-season with a Corso crossing Leopoldstreet. It is exhilarating to be on the wide road with a large Vespa-Comunity passing the Siegestor and between the Roman fountains, where Munich becomes so Italian ... In 2014, we had 13 Vespas, in 2016 it was 280, more than 400 in 2017. In a devotion we speak about the passion of two-wheel riders, gratitude and request for an accident-free seasin and for fairness on the road."



At the beginning, the organizer and evangelical pastor spoke entertaining and meaningful words of devotion, the italian jazz saxophonist Enrico Sartori, accompanied by the Akkordeonor Binario XI, ensured the Mediterranean attitude.





The route of the Corso, escorted by the police, led past the Leopoldstreet at the Siegestor to the Theresien- and Türkenstreet to the final stop at Friedenstreet. There, in the courtyard of the protestant student community, was a barbecue and a picnic where one could admire the nostalgic Vespas.



An extremely charming and, in spite of the meanwhile high number of participants, family event under the most beautiful white-blue sky! 



More pictures of the Vespacorso Munich 2018 can be found her on flickr.





Further informations (in german language): https://vespacorsomuenchen.org/.


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