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Vespistas de Lixa - Vespa Meetup in Portugal

Thank you Bruno Rebelo for providing this detailed report of this event!





Saturday,  July  22,  2017,  the  day  starts  out  gray,  but  as  time  goes on,  the  128 Vespas are greeted with a beautiful summer sun. By 3 o'clock in the afternoon, all participants were ready and supplied to start the tour. After passing through some streets of the old part of town, our first stop was in Quinta da Lixa, one of the  most  prestigious  wineries,  where  the  famous  green  wine  is  produced, unique in this region and in our country. After proving the famous nectar, the entourage proceeded to our second stop, the Museu José Pereira, located in the  village  of  Barrosas,  about  10  km  from  the  city  of  Lixa.  The  Jose  Pereira Museum  is  a  private  collection  of  classic  motorcycles,  with  more  than  1250 restored  motorcycles,  and  more  than  1000,  expect  restoration,  is  one  of  the largest  private  collections  in Europe.  Unfortunately  the  entries  are  controlled and it is not allowed to take photos, this is the will of the owner, fully respected. There was a section dedicated to old scooters, among which were about 25 Vespas, from the legendary GS, some 50s, Sprint, etc. After two hours in the museum, we returned to the road to roll a little more to enjoy the landscape. Around 7 o'clock in the afternoon, we went back to Lixa City to confraternize, where we could eat pork on the spit, green soup  with  green  wine  and  some  beer.  Shortly  afterwards,  we  raffled  among those  enrolled  some  articles  that  were  donated  by  supporters  of  the  event. Around 1 o'clock in the morning, we closed this event.





I want to mention that all the  money  raised  was  donated  to  the  Lixa  Volunteer  Firefighters,  for  some victims of the great fires of 2017 in Portugal and for a non-profit association that helps the homeless with clothing and food. Without your support and goodwill these  people  and  institutions  could  not  be  helped.  Thank  you,  you  are  the greatest.  You  can  see  more  on  our  facebook  page.



Thank you all and see you this year.











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