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Scooterist Meltdown Kalkar, Germany 2018



There have been few comparable events in the past with spectacular custom scooters, racers with their teams, the latest crazy conversions, booths of the largest parts dealers, the most successful tuners, used parts market, a high-performance competition, rare vintage scooters and a "bottomless" bar. Embedded in a scooter meeting with soul niters, Fungames and everything that makes a classic run. To top it off, it's also possible to sleep comfortably in hotel beds and enjoy the whole weekend, in the "all inclusive" mode, from the bar and the buffet, whatever your liver or stomach is longing for.


This wonderland of scooter riders can be experienced on the Scooterist Meltdown in Kalkar. The very peculiar backdrop for this event offers a nuclear power plant that has never been put into operation. In the premises there is an amusement park, which offers generous possibilities for the event. The evening program takes place in the underground pub street. There are five different areas where one can celebrate, depending on the taste of music and the preferred atmosphere. The day event will take place in a large hall. All Saturday, there is Custom Show, Dealer Mile, Exhibition, Parts Market and of course a long counter.




The Custom Show is currently the most interesting in German-speaking countries. Meanwhile, many builders of elaborate scooters choose the meltdown to present their scooter for the first time in public. This year, probably the most spectacular performance was the new creation of Marek from the Hamburg based „Spielzimmer“ connection. In his Lambretta runs a GPZ 500 two-cylinder engine. In particular, the implementation, without destroying the lines of the Lambretta, has rarely been done so successful in such a project. Nevertheless, the scooter does not occur discreetly. The neon-colored paint from the Nascar racing series also makes the scooter visually a terribly spectacular custom and the highlight of this year's show of the Scooterist Meltdown.


Another highlight was the exhibition of "old school" Customs. Long-lost legends of the 80s and 90s, such as the "Simpson" or the "Yellow Danger" reminded many visitors of the good old days, without hotel beds, without plastic lambrettes with automatic motor and without Viagra.


All in all, the Scooterist Meltdown is really the best the scooterist can do in February. From the test ride with the 47hp monster from Casa Lambretta to the handshake with Tuning legend Ian Franklin – it´s all there. Including a cosy bed and shower. The scooterists winter has never been so pleasant. 


All pictures of the Scooterist Meltdown 2018 in Kalkar are here on flickr.






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