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Scootistan - A Vespa Tour of Pakistan



In September 2016, four riders embarked on a 2.000 kilometer tour of the north of Pakistan - on vintage Vespa scooters. This unlikely journey was the idea of Moin Khan of Pakistan and Tom “Bagel” Donohue of Santa Cruz, CA, who were joined by Brook Dain of San Jose, CA and Michael Strauss of Johannesburg, South Africa. Their route took them up the Karakoram Highway, from Islamabad to the Chinese border at the top of Khunjerab Pass, then back down, across the Deosai Plain, and along the treacherous Skardu-Gilgit Road, before returning to Islamabad two weeks later. This film gives a glimpse into the the breathtaking, wondrous and heartwarming experience that was Scootistan 2016:







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