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Scooterist Meltdown 2018, Kalkar (Germany)

The earliest scene date in the year and thus the unofficial start into the scooter season 2018 will again be the Scooterist Meltdown in Kalkar, Germany. From February, 1-4 we will be there with a SIP Scootershop booth for you and are available to answer questions and present some of our own products highlights. See you in Kalkar!





On Saturday (february, 3) "Custom & Trade Show" with over 50 exhibitors, big custom show, search for the strongest gearshifted scooters in the world with free dyno runs for everybody (Major Power Awards), competitions, live music, stage program and many attractions, like the world's first test ride on a Scomadi TL 400 or the first Vespa with double rotary valve and more.



Further infos: www.scooterist-meltdown.de or Facebook Scooterist Meltdown 2018





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