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Vespa Parade Paris autumn 2017

Paris can be proud of its Vespa enthusiasts! More than 150 Vespas (and a few Lambrettas) met for the annual parade in front of the new "Motoplex" scootershop in the 13th arrondissement. There one started with a sociable (and hearty) breakfast. By the way, the Vulcanet stand was installed, where people could let clean and polish their Vespas. They just have style, the French! In the Motoplex, La Clinique du Scooter showed two new scooter models, the 946 "Emporio Armani" and the GTV "Sei Giorni", while members of the Vespa Club Paris distributed goodies to the riders and new members were promoted. 150 Vespas on the most beautiful streets, right in the heart of Paris!



The rideout started, headed by Tom from "Ride'n 'Smile Vespa Tours of Paris", a one and a half hour tour through the streets of Paris. A fantastic ride around the Bastille, Notre Dame, Ile de la Cité, Place de la Concorde and so on. Finally, it was time to go to the banks of the Seine, to the river boat "Le Bal de the Marine", close by the tour Eiffel, to eat a bit and find shelter from the rain that has started meanwhile.





The sun came back, and the hundred plus vespas were set for a photo shooting. On board of the river boat a raffle was organized by Olivier (member of the Vespa Club Paris). There were great prizes from Piaggio-France, KYT helmets, Esquad jeans, Macna, SIP Scootershop, Vulcanet and Three-Stroke Productions. A heartfelt thanks to all for the annual support for the Vespa Paris parade.



A lot of pictures and news, for example of Paris Vespa Parade 2018 can be found on the Vespa Club Paris Facebook page www.facebook.com/Vespa.Club.Paris.IDF/ 




President Vespa Club Paris Ile-de-France





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