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8° Raduno Montebaldino near Verona, Italy



About one million Italians are organized in Vespa clubs, a number I hear again and again without having to get them confirmed. It sounds feasible to me. Medium sized cities like Vicenza have 12 (!) Vespa clubs with over 2,000 members. Every small community in Italy has a Vespa club. The great thing is that these clubs are usually very active, organize meetings, take place on meetings of others, have a club bar where you can meet. An example of this is the Vespa Club Caprino Veronese, situated in a small and charming village on the outskirts of Lake Garda, not far from Verona. Already for the 8th time the "Raduno Montebaldino" took place last saturday. About 250 participants met at the village square and from 10.30am we went to the large rideout towards the mountainous areas of the Monte Baldo, through small streets, vineyards, olive groves, to a huge viewpoint from which one could overlook the southern Garda lake. An intermediate stop took place in an agritourism where there was water, wine and panini, the fuel for the Vespisti. In a relaxed family atmosphere scooterists eat, drunk, laughed and talked fuel topics until it went back to Caprino to the main square. In the meantime, the Fiesta del Tartufo, the Truffle Festival, was already in full swing, starting the truffle season in the region. Similar to a Bavarian beer tent, the entire village was supplied with pasta and meat, all truffled. Hmmm, buono!





A successful meeting of an extremely sympathetic team in a wonderful landscape! All pictures can be found here on flickr.



Here is a small Video of the rideout that was live on our SIP Facebook page:





Ralf, SIP Scootershop



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