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Vespa Alp Days Zell am See 2014

...what a beautiful event at the heart of the Alps. Together with the Vespa Club Prinzgau, Franz Schmalzl once again proved that the Vespa is able to turn a picturesque village by the lake into a Vespa Eldorado. Young and old, vintage and modern... all had come to enjoy an unforgettable weekend. On Friday the corso drove to the Stubach valley and mounted the Großglockner on Saturday. There - 2500m above sea level - Robin Davy and his stunt crew performed a show. Sunday rounded off the event with a rideout to horn Kitzbühel.


While round about 1000 Vespas and Lambrettas took part in the well-organised rideouts, the final trip was a highlight with hundreds of Vespisti in traditional clothing. The evenings were also beautiful. The center of town formed the main point of the event with a stage, food and drink stalls. Honorary memberships were confered, awards given, clubs rewarded... and every now and then you could hear the well-known sounds of an advancing swarm of wasps.


Memo to myself: Bring spareparts next year. The old ladies are not only beautiful, but also vulnerable.

So long..



SIP Scootershop      


Click here for more pictures.


And here's a video clip of the Vespa Alp Days:





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