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1st Vespa Track Days Greece

The first vespa Track Days are over and for those of you, who couldn't attend, we have a short report from Yiannis, our man in Greece:

After many years of thinking about organizing a track weekend in Greece the time had finally come. Vespa and scooter enthusiasts from all over Greece gathered to attend a very special event. The main focus being on teaching the Vespa riders how to focus on fast and at the same time safe driving.

The Vespa Club Thessaloniki and Knee Down Club took the initiative to organize the 1st Vespa Track Days in Larisa City at the Xtreme Cart racing track.



We all learned a lot on both days (Sat, May 29th and Sun, May 30th): Safe Driving theory and practical lessons in track driving with Dimitris Meimaroglou, Kostas Kyrou and Manos Vespisti. A lot of drivers and even more spectators attended the event.

It was indeed a successful weekend for everybody and we got such positive feedback from people that we are sure, there will be more events like this in the future.

Of course two days were not enough to say and do everything that we would have loved to do, so we all are looking forward to a rendez-vous next year (or maybe earlier?).


Vespa Club Thessaloniki and Knee Down Club would like to thank all the participants and the Xtreme Kart of Larisa for letting us use the track.

Till next time
Drive Safe

some more pix: http://s610.photobucket.com/albums/tt190/hkousoulos/vespa-forum%20track-weekend/

also check out: http://www.vespaforumhellas.gr/


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exantas7 wrote re: 1st Vespa Track Days Greece
on Mo, Jun 7 2010 21:13

Thats it!!!!

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